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NameThesis titleCycle
Dr. Affinito FabioIon channels and lipid bilayers. A computational study from atomistic to mesoscopic scale2007 - XIX
Dr. Allegretti FrancescoSelf-organization of aromatic sulphur-containing molecules on copper:the MBO/Cu(001) system2003 - XV
Dr. Alvino ChristianFabrication and magneto-transport of graphene-based devices2013 - XXV
Dr. Amato MicheleStructural, electronics and optical properties of Silicon-Germanium nanowires: abi initio results2011-XXIII
Dr. Angeli ElenaMetallo-protein-based hybrid nano-devices: a novel approach to molecular electronics2007 - XIX
Dr. Annese EmiliaApplications of Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering in the soft and hard x-ray ranges2005 - XVII
Dr. Arnaud Gaelle FrançoiseSelf Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) on semiconductor surface, electron spectroscopies2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Battaglioli MatteoNanoreology of living cells exposed to different drugs investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy and Micropipette Aspiration Technique.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Beggi AndreaFundamentals of quantum mechanics, quantum computing and quantum transport. Quantum correlations and decoherence in multipartite systems and semicondu2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Bellentani LauraQuantum charge-transport in semiconductor nanostructures2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Bellucci DavisCorrelated electronic states in artificial molecules under magnetic fields2006 - XVIII
Dr. Benassi AndreaRole of the vacuum fluctuation forces in microscopic systems2009 - XXI
Dr. Benedetti FrancescoCerium oxide based materials; Synchrotron radiation spectroscopies2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Benedetti RiccardoMicrostructural study of thick-film resistors by use of synchrotron radiation2001 - XIII
Dr. Benedetti StefaniaRock-salt metal oxides structure, morphology and interaction with metal overlayers2007 - XIX
Dr. Bergamini Luca2011- 2014 (XXIII)
Dr. Bertocchi MatteoFirst principles Second-Harmonic Generation in quantum confined silicon-based systems2013 - XXV
Dr. Bertoni AndreaSimulation of coherent electron transport in nanostructures: a proposal for solid states quantum gates2002 - XIV
Dr. Bonferroni BenedettaReal space description of electronic and transport properties of hybrid interfaces2008 - XX
Dr. Boni ValentinaA 3BS Approach to Electron-Electron Correlations in Solids2010 - XXII
Dr. Bonizzoni ClaudioCircuit-QED experiments with molecular nanomagnets2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Boschi AlexCharge transport in 2D nanosheet-network materials. Role of physico-chemical properties of single sheet and network geometry.2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Bramanti GiovanniCar-Parrinello study of the structural and vibrational properties of the dimethyldisulphide molecule2007 - XIX
Dr. Bursi LucaQuantum nanoplasmonics2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Buscemi FabrizioEntanglement and decoherence of electrons in solid-state systems2008 - XX
Dr. Bussi GiovanniExcited states in low-dimensional systems2005 - XVII
Dr. Bussolotti FabioAnchoring of S-headgroup organic molecules on Cu(100) as self assembled monolayers: electronic properties and adsorption geometry2006 - XVIII
Dr. Caiazzo Maria LuisaNovel strategies towards antibody based sensors and devices2011-XXIII
Dr. Calzolari ArrigoNucleoside-based solids as wide-bandgap semiconductors: electronic properties and transport2003 - XV
Dr. Cancellieri EmilianoMany-Particle Wigner Function for Transport Theory2006 - XVIII
Dr. Candini AndreaHall probe magnetometry for the study of molecular magnets2007 - XIX
Dr. Capelli RaffaellaSynchrotron line at ELETTRA2001 - XIII
Dr. Capotondi FlavioStructural and transport studies of InAlAs/InGaAs quantum wells2005 - XVII
Dr. Capozza Rosario2008 - XX
Dr. Cappelli AndreaTheory and modeling of meso - and nanoscopic devices, semiconductor electronic and transport properties2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Casotti Davide2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Cavallari ManuelaMolecular Dynamics Simulations of (Bio)molecules in Solution2005 - XVII
Dr. Cavani NicolaGrowth and characterization of self-assembled graphene nanoribbon.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Cigarini LuigiTheoretical study of thermoelectric and thermal transport properties of low-dimensional systems2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Cinti FabioChiral Phase Transitions on quasi-1D frustrated spin systems2004 - XVI
Dr. Cocchi CaterinaModulating graphene nanostructures: a computational study of the electronic, optical and transport properties2012 - XXIV
Dr. Contri Sara FedericaStudy of magnetic anisotropy in planar arrays of FIB-sculpted Fe nanoelements2007 - XIX
Dr. Crispoldi FlaviaElectron doping of Copper-Phtalocyanine Layers2008 - XX
Dr. Cucinotta Clotilde S.Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Chemisorption on Silicon Substrates2006 - XVIII
Dr. D'Agostino Paola SerenaSynthesis and bio-functionalization of nanoparticles for biosensing and biorecognition2011-XXIII
Dr. Dario Alejandro Leon ValidoComputational Simulations of Surfaces and Interfaces on Carbon-based Materials2017 - 2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Degoli ElenaSi quantum wells: a way for silicon optolectronics?2001 - XIII
Dr. Dhawal ChoudharyThermodynamic and Kinetic characterization of the folding trajectories of GCAP12016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Di Cerbo AlessandroEffects of physical and chemical parameters on the behaviour of supported lipid bilayers studied by AFM2011-XXIII
Dr. Di Giustino LeonardoAb inizio study of NiO-Fe interfaces: electron states and magnetic configurations2005 - XVII
Dr. Drakopoulou SofiaOptimizing nanoscale composition of new thin film organic transistors.2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Ercolani DanieleTransport properties of InGaAs based devices2007 - XIX
Dr. Erfan MafakheriInvestigation and production of electron vortex beams2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Fantuzzi PaoloDevelopment of protocols for the deposition of graphene nanoribbons and for the realization of molecular spintronic devices2014 - 2017 (XXX)
Dr. Fatti GiulioReactions at materials interfaces activated by mechanical stresses: fundamental understanding and applications in tribology2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Felisari LauraTransmission Electron Microscopy in Amorphous Materials Characterization2006 - XVIII
Dr. Ferrari GiulioEffect of Contact Proximity on Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Semiconductor Systems2005 - XVII
Dr. Ferretti AndreaTransport properties of molecular nanostructures2005 - XVII
Dr. Ferriani PaoloDiffusione anelastica risonante di raggi X e dicroismo circolare magnetico da metalli di transizione 3dXV
Dr. Fiaschi GiuliaNano mechanics at surfaces and interfaces.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Fregoni Jacopo2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Gambardella AlessandroMicroscopy and spectroscopy investigation of innovative molecular materials2007 - XIX
Dr. Gasperi GabrieleInfluence of metal doping on the properties of Cerium oxide films2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Gerunda MimmoMetalloproteins at Surfaces for Biomolecular Electronic Applications2005 - XVII
Dr. Ghirri AlbertoStudies of molecular antiferromagnetic spin clusters and development of magnetic imaging of surfaces2008 - XX
Dr. Gilperez Gabrieljose2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Giovanardi ChiaraEpitaxy of MgO and NiO thin films on Ag(001)XV
Dr. Govoni MarcoCoulomb-driven recombinations in semiconductors: from bulk to nanocrystals2012 - XXIV
Dr. Gragnaniello LucaGrowth and Supra-Organization of Transition Metal Nanoclusters2009 - XXI
Dr. Grasselli FedericoSpace-and-time coherent dynamics of indirect excitons2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Gualtieri EnricoImproving tribological properties of steels by surface texturing and coating2009 - XXI
Dr. Guerra RobertoSilicon Nanocrystals: Fundamental Theory and First-Principle Calculations2010 - XXII
Dr. Guerrero Becerra Karina AndreaTheory and models of carbon - based nanostructures, electronic and transport properties of graphene quantum dots2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Guerrini MicheleReal-Time Plasmonics2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Ierino Simone2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Incerti LucaNanostructural and mechanical properties of CrN- based ternary coatings2011-XXIII
Dr. Iori FedericoEngineering Silicon Nanostructures: theoretical study of the effects of doping with Boron and Phosphorous2008 - XX
Dr. Jacopo Stefano Pelli Cresi2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Kammerlander DavidNeutral and Charged Excitonic Complexes in Semiconducting Quantum Tubes2010 - XXII
Dr. Karsten Leding JensenDevelop a theoretical description of the coherent transport and spin torque effect for both direct and indirect spinful excitons in semiconductors2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Kovtun AlessandroField of interest: Optical and Electronic Spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction and scattering, Electrical Characterization (Van der Pauw), Graphene.2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Liberati MarcoInvestigation of metal/insulator thin films and patterns with applications to exchange coupling and spintronics2004 - XVI
Dr. Lisotti AnnamariaDesigning, developing and testing modules and educational materials for the introduction of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in High School Curricula2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Lorusso GiuliaQuantum effects in molecular spinclusters2011-XXIII
Dr. Losi GabrieleLubricant Materials and Coatings to Reduce Friction and Wear2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Luca RazzoliProperly designed two-dimensional continuous-time quantum walks for quantum information2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Lumetti StefanoSingle-molecule magnets and graphene-based devices for spintronic applications2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Luppi EleonoraFirst Principle Studies of Silicon Nanocrystals: Structural Properties, Excited States, Stokes Shift, Doping and Optical Properties2006 - XVIII
Dr. Luppi MarcelloOptoelectronic properties of silicon based low-dimensional structures: oxidized silicon nanodots and silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO22003 - XV
Dr. Manzato ClaudioFailure of disordered media2011-XXIII
Dr. Maragliano LucaMethods and Applications of Molecular Dynamics simulations to biomolecules2004 - XVI
Dr. Marchetto DiegoNanotribology and Nanomechanics at Surfaces: an AFM based study2008 - XX
Dr. Marocchi SimoneMolecular Theories and Simulations2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Marri IvanX-ray absorption and resonant scattering in noncentrosimmetric crystals2003 - XV
Dr. Martini LeonardoGraphene-based device fabrication, molecolar magnet, magneto transport, low temperature measure2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Maschio Maria CelesteModeling the effects of nanostructures on protein misfolding and aggregation2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Matteo CaleffiHybrid organic-inorganic Perovskite solar cells: a challenge for green economy2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Maurizio MuratoriWorldline path integral computation of effective actions and chiral phase structure of strongly interacting fermionic models2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Menozzi ClaudiaFIB-assisted nanofabrication of probes and substrates for innovative SPM implementations2006 - XVIII
Dr. Michael Ontita AtamboElectronic states in pure and doped TiO22015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Migliore AgostinoTheory of electron transfer in biomolecular systems2007 - XIX
Dr. Miki BonacciBig data analysis & high performance simulations for materials2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Monastra StefanoRole of electron-electron correlation in high Tc superconductors2001 - XIII
Dr. Moro FabrizioStructural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Molecular Nanomagnets on Surfaces2009 - XXI
Dr. Mubarak Naqvi Mohsin2012-2015 (XXVII)
Dr. Mulazzi MattiaMatrix element effects and magnetic dichroism and in angle-resolved valence band2006 - XVIII
Dr. Nacci ChristopheScanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigation of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes2006 - XVIII
Dr. Nava AndreaMultifunctional molecular magnets: combining magnetic bistability with electron transfer properties.2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Nicolini AlessioMultifunctional High-Spin Molecules2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Orlandi AndreaMany-body states and addition specra of semiconductor quantum dots: the effects of dielectric mismatch2000 - XIII
Dr. Pagliuca FedericoCeria: a prototypical reducible oxide2013 - XXV
Dr. Pardini LorenzoAb initio calculation of dichroic spectra2009 - XXI
Dr. Peeters StefanMaterials to reduce friction by atomistic simulations2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Petrangolini PaoloQuinone/Hydroquinone Redox Reaction Studied By Ec-Stm: Implication For Molecular Electronics2013 - XXV
Dr. Pignedoli Carlo AntonioSurface effects in GaN growth2001 - XIII
Dr. Pipolo SilvioSimulation of azobenzene molecules on surfaces2013 - XXV
Dr. Prezzi DeborahOptical excitations in low-dimensional Carbon-based systems2008 - XX
Dr. Puviani MatteoStudy of time-dependent drives for systems out of equilibrium2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dr. Reguzzoni MarcoFundamental Mechanisms of Friction in Adsorbed Layers and Graphene Films by Atomistic Simulations2013 - XXV
Dr. Restuccia PaoloMultiscale modelling of tribological systems: adsorbed monolayer and carbon-based materials2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Righi Giulia2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Righi Maria CleliaFirst-Principles studies on the homoepitaxial growth of SiC2004 - XVI
Dr. Rigo EvelineSilicon based optical biosensors2012-XXIV
Dr. Rontani MassimoElectronic States in Semiconductor Quantum Dots2000 - XII
Dr. Rosa MartaProteins on surfaces, ab-initio approaches2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Rosi PaoloNanofabbrication, testing and transmission electron microscopy implementation of electro-optical SORTER prototypes2017 - 2020 (XXXIII)
Dr. Rosini MarcelloVertical transport in superlattices2004 - XVI
Dr. Rota AlbertoCrescita, struttura e morfologia di film sottili epitassial2002 - XIV
Dr. Rovatti MassimoStatic friction and dynamics at the nanoscale2011-XXIII
Dr. Rozzi Carlo AndreaTheory of core level photoemission in transition metal oxides2001 - XIII
Dr. Sacchi MattiaNanotribology, nanotribochemistry, molecular dynamics, DFT calculations2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Samuele CorniaHybrid Devices for Quantum Technologies2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Scorzoni CinziaTeaching nanoscience and experimental methods in secondary school2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Dr. Secchi AndreaFew -body physics in carbon-nanotube quantum dots2012-XXIV
Dr. Selvaggi GianlucaCrescita in dipendenza dalla temperatura del sistema CaF2/Si(001): proprietà elettroniche e strutturali2004 - XVI
Dr. Serpini ElisabettaUnderstanding and controlling friction2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Sesti GiacomoExcitonic insulator in low-dimensional systems2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Dr. Siloi IlariaQuantum Entanglement, Molecular Nanomagnets, Spin Hamiltonians, Exact Diagonalization2011-2014 (XXVI)
Dr. Sonar Punam Suresh2012-2015 (XXVII)
Dr. Spadaro Maria ChiaraGrowth and caracterization of metal and oxides core-shell nanoparticles, metal and oxides ultrathin films2013-2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Spagni AlbertoTribological properties of nano and micro-textured surfaces. Friction on ice2013 - 2016 (XXVIII)
Dr. Spallanzani NicolaTime Dependent DFT Investigation of Optical Properties and Charge Dynamics in Light-Harvesting Assemblies2010 - XXII
Dr. Spessot AlessioQuantitative Methods in Electron Diffraction2007 - XIX
Dr. Tahereh GhaneMulti-scale modeling of the electronic and optical properties of novel soft-matter DNAA2012-XXIV
Dr. Tancini ErikOrganizing Single -Molecule Magnets on surfaces by chemical tailoring2013 - XXV
Dr. Tondini StefanoDevelopment of an highly integrated, scalable, transparent and high capacity wavelength division multiplexing photonic switch2014 - 2017 (XXIX)
Dr. Tripathy ManojMicro-Nano Tribological Studies By Atomic Force Microscope2013 - XXV
Dr. Troiani FilippoOptics of semiconductor quantum dots: coherent processes and quantum information processing2002 - XIV
Dr. Valenti Ilaria2012-2015 (XXVII)
Dr. Valpapuram ImmanuelSingle molecule optical tweezers studies of the unfolding/refolding processes of acyl-coenzime a binding protein2012-XXIV
Dr. Vecchini SaraNeutron scattering investigations of novel nanostructured magnetic materials2007 - XIX
Dr. Venturi FedericoQuantitative transmission electron microscopy of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings2014-2017 (XXX)
Dr. Vianelli AnnaGraphene-based Devices for Memory Applications2012-2015 (XXVII)
Dr. Zilibotti GiovannaTribochemistry of diamond by ab initio calculations2012-XXIV