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Applications must be submitted in June each year according to the official CALL.
Next Deadline for submission of application: 26th July 2024

Specific support for administrative matters will be offered to students coming from abroad (see contacts).

Applications and requirements

A "Laurea specialistica" (second class honours degree) or equivalent degree (4-5 years university) is required, in physics, chemistry, biotechnology, engineering or other science subjects. Admission is granted on a competitive basis. A commission examines the curricula of the candidates and evaluates their abilities to carry out research. The aim of the selection is to determine the preparation and aptitude of the candidate to perform the research activity in relation to the topics of the doctorate school.
Themes proposed for the XL Edition (2024)


The School awards scholarships on a merit basis. The annual amount of a study scholarship is about 16K€ gross (barring subsequent regulatory amendments). The grant is increased by 50% for periods spent abroad.