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PhD students


Arslan LiaquatImpact of electric and magnetic fields on nanoelectronic devices based on CVD-grown graphene /TMDs heterostructures (PhD Project)2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Balli Filippo MariaSoft Graviton Theorem in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Benekou VasilikiSupramolecular self-assembly and characterization of S2DMs2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Bighi BeatriceBiophysics / Mechanobiology2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Carella AlbertaSustainable nanomaterials for battery and supercapacitor technology development2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Chiari CaterinaTentative Title of the PhD project:Electron beam induced plasma effect on functional materials2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
D'Alessio MatteoExcitonic properties and instabilities in bilayer systems2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Gabriele BonanoLiquid phase spectroscopy towards MOST@ELETTRA 2.02022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Gulseren Deniz SayginMicrofluidic devices integrated into organic electronics biosensors2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Habibzadeh Kavkani PayamElectron beam shaping with tunable phase plate2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Hernandez Bertran Michael Alejandro2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Imperato ManuelMolecular qubits based on metal-organic paramagnets: design, properties and use as quantum detectors.2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
López Díaz DanielExcitonic transport on pigment-protein complexes assembled with nanoparticles2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Magrin Maffei RiccardoDesign and control of transparent conductive oxides and nitrides for active plasmonics.2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Md Maruf MridhaDesign of cathode materials for next generation Li-ion batteries2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Montepietra DanieleComputational study of intrinsically disordered proteins2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Muhammad Isramdevelopment of novel tools, approaches and systems based on notechnologies for thermoelectricity and energy harvesting2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Naveed AshrafMining large image database for predictive factors of tumor response and radiation induced toxicity in patients treated with radiotherapy2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Pelatti SamueleCharge excitations in metal/oxide nanostructures2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Pozzi Riccardo GiordanaAspects of Wilson loops in various dimensions2023 – 2026 (XXXIX)
Quintela Rodriguez Frank ErnestoSimulating ultrafast coherent phenomena in model light-harvesting complexes2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Salimi MostafaComputational Study of Interfacial Process in Electrochemical Devices2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
Simone VacondioDevelopment and validation of beyond-GW methods in many-body perturbation theory2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Spurio EleonoraCharge excitations in metal/oxide nanostructures2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Stefani AndreaCharge Transport Properties in Chiral Systems2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Tonelli AndreaSpectroscopic investigation of electronic properties and collective excitations in layered materials.2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Urso VittoriaIntercalation of alkali metals in graphene mono and bilayers2022 - 2025 (XXXVIII)
VINICIUS ALVES BASTOSLinear and nonlinear optical response of 2D materials2023 – 2026 (XXXIX)
Vezzosi AndreaElectronic properties of core-shell nanowires2020 - 2023 (XXXVI)
Viani LorenzoElectro-optical devices for transmission electron microscopy, application of A.I. methods to electron microscopy2021 - 2024 (XXXVII)
Zanfrognini MatteoExcitonic insulator in two-dimensional long-range interacting systems2019 - 2022 (XXXV)
Zanotti RianElectrolyte Gated Organic Transistors and semiconductor materials2023 – 2026 (XXXIX)