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Call for admission at the XXXIX Edition (2023) to the PhD Course on Physics and Nanosciences: list of candidates invited for interview on Sept. 1st. 2023

XXXIX ciclo - a.a. 2023/2024

The Call for admission at the XXXIX Edition (2023) to the PhD Course on Physics and Nanosciences is open

deadline July 27th 2023

Premio Primo Levi 2020

Jacopo Fregoni, graduate of the XXXII cycle of the PhD School on “Physics and Nanosciences” of UniMORE


The PhD program aims at the development and application of advanced experimental and theoretical/computational methods to study applications in condensed matter and nanophysics. Students will be performing original research under the supervision of an expert in the field. The progress of students is monitored by the supervisor, and evaluated yearly by the Board of the School.

Research foci include:

  • quantum information science and technologies,
  • materials for energy conversion and energy sustainability,
  • physics of nanostructured and low-dimensional (2D, 1D, 0D) systems,
  • nano-fabrication, microscopies and spectroscopies,
  • functional materials, including surfaces and molecules,
  • physics and chemistry of nano-bio systems,
  • tribology at the nanoscale,
  • theory and advanced computational methods for materials and nanosystems,
  • field theory, string theory, fundamental interactions.

Students will have the opportunity to access local facilities (materials deposition, lithography, microscopy, spectroscopy, low temperature lab, biophysics) ad well as national and international facilities (synchrotrons, leadership computing facilities, strong magnetic field labs, electronic microscopy). Students will also have the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and connect to national and international research networks, with the possibility to spend time abroad for advanced training opportunities. Research projects may involve the active participation of industries, or third parties such as hospitals and high schools, as appropriate.

Our PhD Course on Physics and Nanosciences offers a joint training path with the graduate School of Physics of the University of So Paulo (, with the possibility of obtaining a Double Degree ( at the end.