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PhD students

Battaglioli MatteoNanoreology of living cells exposed to different drugs investigated by Atomic Force Microscopy and Micropipette Aspiration Technique.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Bellentani LauraQuantum charge-transport in semiconductor nanostructures2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Bergamini LucaElectric Field - Particle interactions, optical properties of Particles , theoretical and computational approaches2011- 2014 (XXIII)
Boschi AlexCharge transport in 2D nanosheet-network materials. Role of physico-chemical properties of single sheet and network geometry.2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Cavani NicolaGrowth and characterization of self-assembled graphene nanoribbon.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Dario Alejandro Leon ValidoComputational Simulations of Surfaces and Interfaces on Carbon-based Materials2017 - 2020 (XXXIII)
Dhawal ChoudharyDhawal ChoudharyThermodynamic and Kinetic characterization of the folding trajectories of GCAP1.2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Drakopoulou SofiaOptimizing nanoscale composition of new thin film organic transistors.2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Giulio FattiFatti GiulioMultiscale approach to nanotribology2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Fiaschi GiuliaNano mechanics at surfaces and interfaces.2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Jacopo FregoniFregoni JacopoPhotophysical processes of molecules close to plasmonic nanoparticles. Master Degree in Chemical Sciences.2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Guerrini MicheleReal-Time Plasmonics2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Jacopo Stefano Pelli CresiJacopo Stefano Pelli CresiResearch project: Cerium oxide based materials2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Losi GabrieleLubricant Materials and Coatings to Reduce Friction and Wear2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Luca RazzoliProperly designed two-dimensional continuous-time quantum walks for quantum information2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Maschio Maria CelesteModeling the effects of nanostructures on protein misfolding and aggregation2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Matteo CaleffiHybrid organic-inorganic Perovskite solar cells: a challenge for green economy2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Maurizio MuratoriWorldline path integral computation of effective actions and chiral phase structure of strongly interacting fermionic models2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Michael Ontita AtamboElectronic states in pure and doped TiO22015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Miki BonacciBig data analysis & high performance simulations for materials2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Nicolini AlessioMultifunctional High-Spin Molecules2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Peeters StefanMaterials to reduce friction by atomistic simulations2017-2020 (XXXIII)
Puviani MatteoStudy of time-dependent drives for systems out of equilibrium2015 - 2018 (XXXI)
Righi GiuliaMultiscale simulations of oxide-based nanomaterials for applications to catalysis and clean energy production.2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Rosi PaoloNanofabbrication, testing and transmission electron microscopy implementation of electro-optical SORTER prototypes2017 - 2020 (XXXIII)
Samuele CorniaHybrid Devices for Quantum Technologies2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)
Cinzia ScorzoniScorzoni CinziaTeaching nanoscience and experimental methods in secondary school2016 - 2019 (XXXIII)
Sesti GiacomoExcitonic insulator in low-dimensional systems2018 - 2021 (XXXIV)