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The School is proposed and run by the Director of the School, an Executive Committee and Members of the School who act as tutors and provide advanced courses.

The list of Members of the Schools updated in 2014 is:

Prof. Affronte Marco (Director of the School)
Prof. Ossicini Stefano (executive commitee)
Prof. Frabboni Stefano (executive commitee)
Prof. Manghi Franca (executive commitee)
Prof. Molinari Elisa
Prof. Valeri Sergio
Prof. Del Pennino Umberto
Prof. Ferrario Mauro
Prof. Cornia Andrea
Prof. Alessandrini Andrea
Prof. Ruini Alice
Prof. Magri Rita
Prof. Goldoni Guido
Prof. Brunetti Rossella
Prof. De Renzi Valentina
Prof. D'Addato Sergio
Dr. Paolo Bordone
Dr. Rontani Massimo
Dr. Luches Paola
Dr. Corni Stefano

Other professors and researchers of the Department of Physics, Informatics and Mathematics and Department of Chemistry of UNIMORE as well as personnel of Institute Nano S3 of CNR actively participate to our PhD School.