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Call for additional two PhD fellowships

open until 31 July 2018

Final Ranking for admission at XXXIV cicle PhD In Physics and nanosciences

2018/2019 (999-Categoria senza posti riservati)

Defences of Doctaral thesis of the XXX Cicle in Physics and Nanoscience

February 20th 2018, starting from 9h at the Physics Department, room L1.3

Final ranking for student admitted to XXXIII Cicle of Phd in Physics and nanoscience

Enrollment deadline: 2 october 2017, at 15:30

Molecular Magnetism and Spintronics: part 2

Molecular magnetism and spintronics

Quantum transport in nanostructures

Lecturer: Dr. Arrigo Calzolari CNR NANO.